Throttle Forward 3-2018

Every year as 1 March comes along, I get a bit of wistfulness. It was on that date many years ago that I created and produced our first FLY-LOW magazine. For several years, I had this idea to retire from retail, close stores, and travel. After those items, I considered producing an aviation magazine. Some of that did indeed happen, but not all.
It seems like we have been producing a magazine for thirty years… in reality, this begins our 18th year. This is issue number 205. That is 205 covers, 205 Throttle Forwards, 205 everything. It is a fun job. I just enjoyed another visit to a fantastic museum in Tucson, AZ. It is the Pima Air and Space Museum. I recommend it to young and old alike…
So Happy Anniversary to US…
No, this is not a discussion of who was first in flight. It is about museums that preserve our first and last in flight machines. As I mentioned, the Pima Air and Space Museum is one of the best to which I have ever been. They have inside and outside displays. Most marked with the type of plane, year of production, and etc. I didn’t realize that the B-58 (my youthful favorite shown on cover) flew as late as 1970. I was ten years old when I saw my first B-36 at Biggs Air Force Base in El Paso, TX. It seems smaller as I view it this month. It was gigantic when I was ten, but today… well… a bit smaller. This month was the first time I was near a B-36 Peacemaker since then. It was very evocative. There aren’t many B-36 in museums. It is rather a large item to display. More photos of the museum in my article this issue.
Oh yeah, the cartoon is for my printer. It seems that some subscribers received seven copies of our publication when they were to receive one. I would guess that some that were to receive seven only received one… hummmmm… seems that there was a mistake in the production/distribution room at my printer (who shall remain anonymous). We have some airports that receive seven to one-hundred copies each month. If any of you single subscribers received fifty or one-hundred… whooooops… sorry…
Throttle Forward and Fly-Low….