Tennessee Airport Manager of the Year: Jo Ann Speer

Tennessee Airport Manager of the Year: Jo Ann Speer

The 2012 Tennessee Airport manager of the year is Jo Ann Speer who is the manager of Everett-Stewart Airport in Union City, TN.  William B. Orellana, Director of Aeronautics made this presentation.

“The recipient of this year’s Airport Manager of the Year award is someone that has developed an ability to manage an airport operation at a high level in a relatively short period of time.  Since becoming an airport manager approximately five years ago the recipient has managed projects resulting in major expansion of their airport and has successfully managed the resulting change, growth and increase in operations that come with this type expansion.  In addition, this person is a strong proponent of aviation in the State of Tennessee as evident by participation in the Tennessee Aviation Association, the Aviation Hall of Fame, the support of the Civil Air Patrol, and involvement in the local Chamber of Commerce and other civic organizations that are supportive of the local community.  Events are held at the airport to encourage both children and adults to become more familiar with an airport and to help the citizens to understand the positive influence an airport can have in attracting business opportunities and improving the local economy for a community.  This tireless effort and sacrifice has had very positive results at the airport and in the community.

The recipient of this year’s Excellence Award for Airport Manager of the Year is Jo Ann Speer, Everett-Stewart Regional Airport, Union City, Tennessee.”

Jo Ann is married to Kerry Speer who works for the Daily Messenger (The printer for FLY-LOW) in Union City. They own the Cessna 172 of which she is pictured in front.  She has been manager of the Everett-Stewart Regional Airport since July of 2007.  Jo Ann is a CFI, AGI, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rated Single Engine Land pilot.  This is a list of the associtations to which she belongs:


Tennessee Aviation Association Executive Board

Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame Board  2008-2012

Obion County Board of Directors

Obion County Local Emergency Planning Committee

Northwest TN Rural Planning Organization Technical Committee

Obion County Adult Leadership Class 2011

Member Main Street, Obion County Chamber and Weakley County Chamber

Member of AOPA, The Ninety-Nines, Women In Aviation International,             NBAA, AAAE, Civil Air Patrol, FAASTeam Representative


When ask by FLY-LOW what she enjoyed the most, Jo Ann replied, “My husband and best friend Kerry and I reside in the Walnut Grove Community near Union City, TN.  We enjoy flying our 172 and many other outdoor activities such as fishing, canoeing and kayaking and riding our 4wheelers.  We enjoy spending time with our grandchildren.  We volunteer to help raise awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and are Captains for “Jack’s Team” for the Great Strides Walk held in Weakley and Obion Counties.”