‘O my Gosh, Oshkosh

DSC_0037In a few words to describe AirVenture they would have to be ‘O my Gosh, Oshkosh!!!  Our staff has just returned from Wisconson and the “WORLD’S BUSIEST AIRPORT AND FLY-IN.”  My wife and I experienced the awesome world of flight and the largest gathering of aircraft that one could imagine.  Our staff of eight or nine brought home photos, stories, information, and so many memories.  I have been attending since the mid-eighties.   My experience there never ceases to amaze me.  If you haven’t been, YOU MUST GO!

Here are the words of a first timer, “I absolutely could not believe how massive the event was… It was amazing to see so many airplanes in one place at one time.  The airshows were outstanding,   To see how humongous that Air Force plane was (C5-M)… its seems unfathomable that a plane that size flies.  In a nut shell AMAZING Is the best word to describe the whole event.”

I am just going to place as many photos here as I can…  words can’t describe it…  and I’ve heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Here are 14,000 words.

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