Flying is Passion!

Flying and owning a plane is all about passion. But, alas, sometimes when you have seen many seasons in your life, you decide that it is time to encourage others to fly rather than continue to fly yourself. That is what the owner of a Piper Cub (built in 1946) did when he decided to donate his beloved and beautifully restored aircraft to a teenager. Of course, said teenager, Kyle Carden was infected very early with the aviation bug.

So, for the former owner of the Piper Cub, it was all about encouraging him to get rated, first as a private pilot and then to pursue his dream of becoming a professional pilot.

At the tender age of 14, Kyle tends lovingly to the aircraft and receives dual instruction towards his private certificate. He will have to wait for a while before passing his check ride, as the minimum age to take the exam is 17.

There is a twist to this story.
Kyle is only the temporary owner of this Piper Cub. After becoming a professional and when ready to fly bigger and faster aircraft, it will be his duty to select the next teenager that will become the temporary owner of the plane. In the meantime, his CFI (Certified Flight Instructor), Phillip Grice, thought it would be a great experience to gain a bit of cross country experience and practice landing on various unknown airfields. But instead of organizing a few proverbial hamburger trips, Phillip sought permission from Kyle’s parents to embark on an adventure and what an adventure it will be.

Kyle departed July 19, from the Mobile Bay area, with Phillip Grice, to fly to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to attend EAA AirVenture Oshkosh or just Oshkosh to some. The plane will join the crowd of J3 Cubs converging on Oshkosh to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Piper® Aircraft and their first plane. After all, it all started with a yellow airplane!

Phillip Grice is a long-time employee of Continental Motors®, and the aircraft is equipped with a Continental Motors® A65 engine.