Rob Pudim Cartoonist
Rob Pudim has been drawing cartoons in Boulder, CO, for more years than he cares to remember. In addition to Fly-Low, he does editorial cartoons for a many newspapers, all of which are west of the Mississippi, illustrates newsletters, does covers for mystery novels and writes articles for Writers On the Range. Strangely, he does not think of himself as an artist or a writer, he says he is a fallen scientist.

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Steve Bill Hanshew Writer
Steve Bill’s Air Shots

If flying were a lover Wild Bill Hanshew would have two. But, since his beloved is also a professional pilot, he says, “I’m off the hook.” Bill started flying while working as a Line Boy at a Podunk airport outside of Dayton, Ohio, the Birthplace of Aviation. That was 1975. Since then he has worked in about every facet of aviation except servicing lavs’. As he said, “I do have my standards.” Bill even worked as an air traffic controller in the Army for 7 years. During that time he not only flew airplanes, I jumped out of them.

He has flown quite a few airplanes, but still consider himself a perennial student. Bill says, “It seems I learn something new every day – whether I want to or not. I’ve worked for six airlines in varying capacities. Looking at that it might seem I can’t hold a job, but let me assure you, in this business its normal.” Bill and his wife, Donna, and own a Nanchang CJ-6A and a PA-18-95 first generation Super Cub. They reside at their personal airstrip in southwest Ohio, lovingly named Donner Field. Bill said, “Because my Dad had a propensity to mess up Donna’s name we called the field, Donner. If it isn’t apparent already, I love flying and love writing about it. Thanks to Ralph and Fly-Low, I easily satisfy the latter.”

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Rose Marie Kern Writer
Air to Ground

Rose Marie Kern has worked in all three divisions of air traffic – Center, Tower and Flight Service. She is a member of several EAA chapters and the New Mexico Pilot Association. Currently Rose works for Lockheed Martin as a Quality Assurance Analyst at the Prescott Flight Service Station.
Rose works with several other organizations, including the Albuquerque Master Gardeners, the New Mexico Beekeepers and the Southwest Writers. She is past president of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association. A mother of four grown kids, Rose lives with her husband, three dogs, a beehive, and tank full of tropical fish.

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Dr. Bob Worthington Writer
Left Seat
Bob is a non-fiction writer with over 2,100 publications (magazine articles, books, book contributions, and scientific journals). He focuses on aviation, firearms, business and the military.
A retired US Army Lt Col, he served fifteen years in Infantry and Special Operations in the USMC and Army with three combat tours in the Middle East and Vietnam; and then ten years as a clinical psychologist as the Psychology Consultant for the US Army Health Services Command. He has the Army Combat Infantry Badge and the USMC Combat Action Ribbon. His decorations include the Legion of Merit, seven medals for valor, the Purple Heart, and the Air Medal.

He has a BA degree, two Masters degrees, and a PhD. He is a retired Journalism Professor from New Mexico State University. As an instrument rated pilot he has 6,800 flight hours and owns a Cessna 182 RG.

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Pat Purcell Writer

Race Reports

Pat was born in Ithaca, New York. Now living on a farm in the Red River Valley of Texas. Retired and devoting myself to keeping the sport of cross-country air racing alive and well. Twenty years of living in Eureka Springs, Arkansas running the Great Passion Play outdoor drama kept her busy.Pat realized a lifelong dream of learning to fly in 1976. Caught the air-racing bug immediately. She flew for 7 years as corporate pilot for small company out of the Ozarks. She continues to be active with the Sport Air Racing League. Her reports about racing appear monthly in FLY-LOW. Pat lives to produce and organize as many cross-country races as she can. All the time promoting General Aviation at every opportunity.Pat refers to herself as an animal person and have raised, trained and shown dogs for many years. Pat is married with four stepdaughters and three grandchildren.

Jo Hunter, Photographer
Jo Hunter has been photographing aircraft for the last ten years, ever since she lived near Duxford’s Air Museum in the United Kingdom (UK). With the support of her husband Alan, she has attended fly-ins, air shows and flying events all over the UK. After relocating from Britain to Austin, Texas in 2006, she has reveled in the many kinds of aviation opportunities that the USA has to offer, from grassroots fly-ins and following SARL air races, to engaging in air-to-air photography.
Jo has had images published in over a dozen aviation magazines worldwide and has published her own photo book, ‘Prop Arcs’. She is a member of the International Society of Aviation Photography (ISAP), EAA and AOPA.
Follow her work at her website, She may be contacted at or as @futureshox on Twitter.