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August 21: Eclipse Aire Fest – K59

Experience a world without the sun for 2 min 19 sec and be inspired by the cosmos at the Eclipse Aire Fest at the Amelia Earhart Airport. Join us in Atchison with an estimated crowd of 5k at Eclipse-Aire Fest 2017. Event activities include a coordinator for the Vatican Observatory’s international consortium who will give a scientific presentation […]

The Left Seat

Safe Piloting is like a three-Legged Stool… If one leg is flawed, then the entire stool becomes unstable For well over 40 years I have flown and observed other pilots. I have come to encapsulate the safe and successful art of piloting into a comprehensive package which I call the three legs of the flying […]

Supersonic passenger air travel: one step closer to reality

The return of supersonic passenger air travel is one step closer to reality with NASA’s award of a contract for the preliminary design of a “low boom” flight demonstration aircraft. This is the first in a series of ‘X-planes’ in NASA’s New Aviation Horizons initiative, introduced in the agency’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget. NASA Administrator […]

AIR TO GROUND ATC Privatization

There has been a great deal of speculation about the President’s current remarks concerning ATC privatization – and most of the statements I’ve read and heard indicate that perhaps his advisors are behind the power curve when it comes to what is and isn’t real. The loudest and most concerning rhetoric indicates that our current Air Traffic Control System is out of date and not safe. This flies in the face of statistics which show the U.S. as the nation with the best safety record worldwide.

Ocean City Aviation Assoc.: Saturday Morning Fly-in breakfast

The Ocean City Aviation Association (OCAA) is conducting the following ongoing event: Saturday Morning Fly-in breakfast ongoing event, at the Ocean City Maryland’s Municipal Airport (OXB), 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Breakfast, light lunch. Cost: Donations for the Ocean City Aviation Association›s (OCAA) restoration of the Huey helicopter mounted on the Veteran›s Memorial display, located near the […]