America Discovers Sling

AirVenture 2017 – America Discovers Sling Aircraft!
by Jean d’Assonville

Oshkosh is all about airplanes, right? Well this is my third Oshkosh and what rang true for me is that Air Venture is actually all about people who love airplanes! It is the people who dream them, build them, fly them, polish them, sleep in or under them and really just simply love them. Yes, it’s the people!

This year our stand was filled with people. We our team of ten to man the stand, (next year we need some ladies too), was kept very busy sharing Sling facts with the continuous flow of airplane lovers. It’s always enjoyable sharing the Sling story because it is a pilot’s airplane that has been refined by pilots for pilots. This year we also offered demo flights to seriously interested people, which is really nice to do, because the Sling’s best quality is how amazingly she flies.

The master craftsmen from Midwest SkySports’ build center had two of their beautiful Sling 2s on display as well as their professionally-finished panels and a Sling 2 Quick build. There was the legendary Sling 4-4-40 that was built from a kit in 4 days by 40 people plus another three Sling LSAs. Down at the ultralight arena, AeroSport had their immaculate orange and white Sling LSA and received an offer to buy it then-and-there by a husband and wife team!

With all these beauties to show off, a lot of interested people spent a good amount of time acquainting themselves with the Slings and the Team. So we made a lot of new friends.

As a demo pilot during the Air Venture, it’s really exciting (but quite stressful) flying in the extreme traffic with only 500 ft. vertical separation while only listening on the radio. It was worth it though. Almost everyone that went for a demo flight has purchased or is in the process of purchasing a Sling aircraft or a kit.

So after a long and exciting week eventually the last demo is flown and it is time to pack up and say good bye to everyone: all those people, planes and new friends – all going their separate ways with new dreams.

And so what is in store for the TAF stand next year? Well, there are a lot of possible surprises coming off the drawing board in Africa. So come join all the people at the Greatest Aviation Celebration July 23 – 29, 2018 and see!