FLY-LOW is a nationwide monthly aviation publication.

The first issue was published in March of 2001, it was a one state publication. Many of the surrounding state airports were integrated into the distribution list from the beginning. The one state publication, thus, became five states.

After a few years, we extended outward to about thirty-five states. This monthly aviation magazine is currently
distributed to all fifty states in America. It is directed to pilots, student pilots, and owners of planes. We send our
magazine to almost half of the approximately five thousand airports, FBOs, and aviation related businesses. We also direct mail to private pilots on our subscription list each month. That list includes all the pilots of the United States Pilot Association, Texas Pilots Association, and others. Our readers range from all ranges of pilots, private, jet, space astronauts and others.

If you have questions please call 479 970-1001. I believe we offer a vehicle to reach pilots and plane owners in this
and any of the fifty states we service that would be interested in your product. We have advertisers in our publication that have been in each month since we began in 2001. Our readers are very dedicated to FLY-LOW and are very vocal when involving aviation.

One of our sales staff will be happy to arrange an appointment at your convenience to discuss our publication.
Best regards,
Ralph McCormick

Rates are very low and effective.  1/16 page ad monthly price $114 to reach most of the active airports in the USA.

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