Fly Out United States Pilots Assoc

St. Louis, MO June 7-10, 2018
Los Alamo, NM September 27-30

I hope the flying weather has improved in your area by now and that you have many flying jaunts lined up, among which I hope are our two remaining USPA fly ins for 2018.  The St. Louis fly in in June includes our annual membership meeting with election of officers for 2018-2019.  If you have any interest in becoming an officer or committee chair or member, please let me hear from you now.  You realize we all get huge salaries (ZERO), but the satisfaction of promoting GA education, safety, and fun is worth a million dollars!

The St. Louis events will begin on Thursday evening, June 7, and conclude with dinner Saturday evening, June 9.  If you can’t make all of it, join us for what you can.  Go to for details and to register.  This is YOUR organization, and your participation is desired and needed.


Thursday to Sunday 27 to 30 September 2018
Los Alamos is a city and a county in north central NM, about 45 to 50 miles northwest of Santa Fe.  Los Alamos sits on a mesa about 7,300’ MSL with a population of about 12,000.  In the early 1900s, the Los Alamos area was a very small farming community.  In 1917, a group of investors funded the development of the Los Alamos Ranch School.  Based on the structure of the Boy Scouts, the school (for boys 12-18) combined the rugged outdoor life with rigorous academic standards and flourished until the federal government took it over in 1943 to establish the top-secret headquarters to house the security site (over 3,000 people) for the Manhattan Project to create the two atomic bombs that ended WW II.  The Lab continues today to apply science for issues of national security for our country.  In addition to the historical significance of the area, nearby are many National Parks, Monuments, and Preserves presenting awe-inspiring wilderness, Pueblo dwelling ruins, scenic overlooks, and a secret mountain.  See

Fly your own plane into either Santa Fe or (if qualified for mountain flying) Los Alamos airport.  FBOs to be determined.  Rental cars will be necessary and available.  Hotel to be determined, but in the Los Alamos area.

Thur. 27 Sept:  Arrive at motel.  USPA Hospitality Suite open for attendees.  7-9 pm FAA Pilot Safety Seminar presented by the NM Pilots Assoc, location to be determined.

Fri. 28 Sept:  Breakfast at the hotel.
Guided tour of Los Alamos by van.  Times during the day to be assigned prior to arrival.  Los Alamos has many historically interesting places to visit.  First is the Bradbury Science Museum (history and research exhibits regarding the development of the atomic bomb and the Los Alamos National Laboratory).  Then the Los Alamos Historical Museum Complex (which consists of several buildings showcasing the creation and development of Los Alamos and the LA Nat Lab), then Fuller Lodge and Art Center, a primary social gathering place since 1928, first for the Ranch School then Los Alamos.
Attendees will be on their own for sightseeing everything except the guided van tour, which will be scheduled.  Lunch will be on your own, but dinner will be a USPA group affair (location TBD).

Sat. 29 Sept:  Breakfast at the hotel.
Saturday sightseeing like Friday will be on your own.  Lunch will be on your own.  Dinner will be a USPA group event with a guest speaker. Location TBD.

Sun 30 Sept:  Breakfast at the hotel.
Either stay over to spend more time visiting NM or depart for home.
A lot of effort has been put into making these events educational, interesting, and fun for YOU—our USPA members.  Not a member?  You can easily become one at for only $20.

I look forward to seeing you in St. Louis and Los Alamos