New Mako shows off her colors at Lancair’s Oshkosh display
Our first Oshkosh show since launching the new Lancair was an amazing, enjoyable and exhausting experience. Mark, Conrad and the rest of the Oshkosh team spent some sleepless nights preparing for and working at the show. Despite some last-minute scheduling hiccups with the new exhibit trailer, Lancair’s airplanes and people arrived on time, with the rest of the display following after a brief delay.

After meeting hundreds of new friends and visiting scores of longtime Lancair owners and fans, we came away from the show convinced that Lancair and its customers have a bright future.
The Mako was very well recieved, sparking considerable interest and a number of requests to reserve production slots. We expect to have a projected schedule and performance data for the new plane within the next couple of months.

The LOBO Banquet was also a treat, with a spellbinding presentation from guest speaker, Lt Col Chris Rust, USAF. Rust’s stories of flying the A-10 Thunderbolt II in Afganistan has us on the edge of our seats.

Many thanks to all our friends and supporters. If you didn’t make it to Oshkosh 2017, we encourage you to add it to your plans for July 2018.